Chip Lam Seng Bhd. produce different types of rubber grades such as SMR CV 60, SMR CV50, SMR L, SMR 5, SMR GP, SMR 10 CV, SMR 10, SMR 20 CV & SMR 20.


Our mode of delivery / packing :


SMR rubber is packed in 33.33 kg. or 35.00 kg bales wrapped in normal polythene bag of 0.03 mm or in strippable thick polythene bag of 0.1 mm. SMR rubber is packed in either wooden crates or shrinkwrapped units each of 1.2 tonnes or 1.26 tonnes in a 20 ft. container containing 16 crates or units totalling 19.2 tonnes or 20.16 tonnes.


SMR rubber is also packed and shipped in collapsable metal boxes normally hired and supplied by large consumers.